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you know what?!

im fucking sick and tired of you trying to look cute infront of my boyfriend!! I fucking hate that you fucking pretend to be friendly!! I fucking hate the way you fucking act innocent to my friends which made me look like im just over reacting!! Well actually fuck no! Whenever you see something new from him you automatically go to him and ask for it!! Especially the fucking jacket!! Fuck you for thinking you can say that “That looks better on me, joke” while I was wearing it, it really did not sound like it was a fucking joke!!! you know what?! Fuck you!!! You had your chance with him and you blew it!! you just used him!! Now that his mine your acting like a bitch!! You act like everyone hates you and your innocent!!

Innocent (shortstory)

One day a little girl was born, for her parents and family she was princess… She smiled like an angel, she was so sweet and innocent. She grew up different from the others, she didn’t had friend to play with. So she grew up by herself, she was alone.

But she thought the world was beautiful place.

When she started school, she was bullied, they would pick on her for no reason. At first she didn’t mind them, but then it got worst, she started crying the teachers thought she was annoying. She had one friend, but she doesn’t talk to her that much. Her parents told her that she used to talk to herself. The innocent girl was starting to brake.

But she still thinks the world was a beautiful place.

She started going to middle school, things started to get weird. She learned things she never knew. She saw the world differently, then a lot of people started to hurt her. She then started to cry every night. She would stare at her reflection with disgust, so then she started cutting herself. She would sleep herself to sleep, with all the blood from her wrist scattered on her bed.

Then she started to think the world was a wreck.

She then started going to high school. Things were different, things got worst. Everyone hates her, she looked so thin an pale. She always wear her long sleeves, so that she could hide her scars. They would mock her about her appearance, they would make stories about her. They would call her whore, bitch and slut. Everything got worst. She never stopped cutting herself.

Then she really knew the world was never perfect.

Then one night, she didn’t take it anymore. She stared at herself again one last time at the mirror, then took out her blade. She started cutting herself, but she didn’t realize the cuts gone deeper. The blood flowed out of her wrist. It never stopped coming out, then she stared at the moon looking at how peaceful it was. She then hold the note that she kept for that night. She felt light headed and started to get dizzy. She fell on the floor,there were still tears coming out of her eyes. Then shut her eyes leaving the world.

Then her mother saw her, lying there lifeless and cold. She started crying, she hugged her daughter in her arms. “Why?” she kept telling herself. Then she saw the note that was left on her daughter’s hand.

the note said: “Im not the perfect girl you expected me to be. Im sorry if you saw me like this. The world didn’t need me, it’s perfect without me.The world doesn’t need a person whose life is a mistake.I was never needed here. Your going to be okay after a year, you would forget that i was even born here. I have finally rested, i can now breath. I may be gone here, but im always in your heart. I love you mom, and goodbye”

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